We are expecting Djali to go into heat again sometime in October/November, we will be attempting a repeat of H Litter. :)

Due to there only being a singleton last time we will not be accepting deposits until they are born. But we are accepting applications to be put on our wait list. We have had a lot of interest in this litter so our waitlist is very long. Our next litter should take place Spring 2021 pending Fable's OFA results.

Puppies from this litter are $1800.



OFA Hips Fair; Elbows Normal. DM Clear.

OFA Hips Good; Elbows Normal. DM Carrier.

This litter should not be too unlike our Rory/Brego litters the only difference being what Djali's sire Madox brings to the table.
We are expecting medium to high energy. High prey, moderate defense. Genetic full grips. Expect enthusiastic workers with a willingness to please and high intelligence. Extremely toy and food motivated. These puppies should have an aptitude for a myriad of sports or work, and while they should have an offswitch do not expect them to be total couch potatoes.
Though Djali is not titled she does have a foundation in mondioring and shows all the ideal qualities we like to see, confidence, enthusiasm constantly pushing into a full grip. Brego has a PSA foundation and achieved his PSA PDC, he was also crosstrained into mondioring for a short while.

They are expected to be social, excellent with people, Djali is very outgoing and friendly while Brego is a bit more indifferent and handler oriented, he is actually very sweet and affectionate despite his bull-in-china-shop first impressions. They should be indifferent to friendly with other dogs.  Males may err on the more dominant side with other strongly opinionated/intact males in the same household but no true dog aggression. Males especially need a firm but fair handler while the females have been a bit more forgiving.

Both Brego and Djali are of West German Working Lines. We expect this litter to have super structure, should be uniform and similar in type. Djali is on the smaller side at 50lbs while Brego is 85lbs give or take so the hope is that they will balance out size-wise. Bicolors and solid blacks are possible. No longcoats.Click on the parents name to go to their individual pages!

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