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Fable vom Anfang

Fable is very similar to her dad in temperament, unphased by new environments, happy to engage, high food drive. Quick to catch onto things in obedience, a thinker. Aloof but not unsocial, she's just not your typical puppy who feels they need to meet everyone, but doesn't shy away from people either. Focused out in public, very calm and quiet, though when she's 'on' she's definitely got her own idea of fun and can be a goof too. She has high prey drive but carries the air of a fairly serious dog, I think she will have ample defense as she matures. We're excited to carry our our Rory and Jaxon's legacy through her in the sport of PSA!
Structurally she appears to be a throwback to one of her great grandsires Falk!

UKC Ch Bo Jaxon vom True Haus

PDC, PSA1, USJ, TT, CGC, Mondio Brevet

Daenerys vom Eisenherz