Fable is a lovely blanket black and tan that we have kept back from our Rory and Jaxon. She is very similar to her dad in temperament, clear headed and unphased by new environments,social but appropriately aloof. Happy to engage and work for food or toy. Quick to catch onto things in obedience, a thinker. Aloof but not unsocial. Focused out in public, very calm and quiet, though when she's 'on' she's definitely got her own idea of fun and can be a goof too. She has high prey drive but carries that similar defensive edge of her parents. I also expect her to be a bit slow to mature. We're excited to carry our our Rory and Jaxon's legacy through her in the sport of PSA!
Structurally she appears to be a throwback to one of her great grandsires Falk!

Prelims Coming Soon
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