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Fable is a lovely blanket black and tan that we have kept back from our Rory and Jaxon. She is very similar to her sire in temperament, clear headed and unphased by new environments or loud noises, social but appropriately aloof with people, children being the exception as she wants to meet them anytime she sees them in public. Her personality really gets to shine once you get to know her, she's quiet but silly. Great with other dogs, if not overly friendly with them. Fable has medium drives but is happy to engage and work for food or toy. Quick to catch onto things in obedience, she also really enjoys the fun and challenge of learning unique tricks. In protection she has high prey drive but carries that similar defensive edge of her parents and will light up when suspicious, she has been slow to mature but considering her lines is expected. She has a great off-switch in the house and is super easy to live with. Unfortunately Fable did not pass on one elbow so we made the decision to remove her as a breeding prospect, however she remains with us and is an excellent 'aunt' to all the puppies and is a safe 'new' dog to introduce them to. She is invaluable and we love her very much.

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U CH Bo Jaxon vom True Haus

Daenerys vom Eisenherz

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