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Honey is a mature 7 year old, spayed female who was returned to us.  She is from our B litter with Rory and Jaxon. She is currently looking for a home. Honey is a super social, friendly and open girl, she loves every person she's met, great with kids. Just wants to lick everyone to death.
Would prefer being an only dog or maybe with one other calmer dog. Not aggressive at all but doesn't love other dogs in her space. She has been around all of our dogs, male and female and can get along with them fine but can get a little possessive over her space/toys though she would avoid confrontation if at all possible. Displays none of that possession towards people. Neutral towards dogs in public spaces. Adjust to new environments well, made herself right at home.
I was told she hates cats and would harass chickens. So no cats/small animals. I think she could co-exist with proper introduction and training but we dont have any cats or small animals to test this. Super easy to correct even just verbally..
She has free roam of the house and is housetrained, not destructive, very easy going laid back temperament, easy to handle, just an all around good dog. Currently putting some weight on her from previous living situation but never misses a meal and is doing good.
Please contact for more information regarding Honey! This is a good opportunity for someone looking to skip the puppy phase.

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