Cairo is an import from the Netherlands from a strong KNPV background. The true definition of a pocket rocket, on the smaller side he is lean and fast he didn't truly fill out until he turned 5 years old, he's now a solid 60lbs.

 While Cairo isn't the flashiest dog in the obedience portion he doesn't lack heart and packs a punch! He is without a doubt clear-headed and sound, never hectic in his work, he's always quiet and calm whether on the field or off. He is incredibly safe and social around everyone. Very neutral around other dogs and in public situations, great around kids. At home he is very affectionate and laid back, not at all the typical 'maligator' stereotype.



Southern Grip PSA Club - Magnolia, TX. - April 29th 2017
4/29/17             PSA                      PDC  - Passed 130.5/155                                   Judge: Kevin Goede

Dallas K9  - Mesquite, TX. - October 7th 2017, 2014
10/7/17             PSA                       PSA 1 - Passed 284.5/320                                Judge: Darryl Richey

ATX Working Dogs - Bertram, TX. - September 29th, 2019
9/29/19             PSA 2                   No Pass                                                         Judge:  Mike Wandell

Dallas K9 -  Forney, TX. - February 22 - 23rd, 2020
2/22/20           PSA 2                     No Pass                                                        Judge: Katrina Williams

 2/23/20          PSA 2                     No Pass                                                        Judge: Katrina Williams

K9 Working Dogs - Carrolton, TX. - September 26-27th, 2020
9/26/20         PSA 2                       1st Place (1st Leg) 294.5/340                             Judge: Darryl Richey

9/27/20         PSA 2                       1st Place (2nd Leg)  278/340                            Judge: Darryl Richey

  •  High Protection

  •  High in Trial 

  • High Owner Trained/ High Owner Trained Club


Top Dog K9 - PSA NATIONALS - Little Rock, AR. - October 7-8th, 2020
10/7/20         PSA 2 OB            Pass                                                      Judge: Janet Edwards

10/8/20         PSA 2 PRO          No Pass                                                 Judge: Janet Edwards



Rocky III


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