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Jaxon is a handsome patterned sable with a beautiful coat and good pigment. He has a strong broad head with correct planes, masculine features and expressive face.  Jaxon is a medium-large male at a lean, but very solid 85lbs. Athletic in build, well-muscled and tall; standing 26.5 inches at the shoulder giving an overall dry look of correct proportions and sound confirmation.

Jaxon has the hard to find balance of both prey and defense drives without being over the top. He is not "sleeve happy" and can easily transition from working between prey and defense. He is a powerful dog and knows how to use his weight to his advantage to fight with the decoy. He has strong nerves and doesn't break down under pressure.  Readily engages the decoy in car jacks and surprise scenarios. Very easy to handle and eager please making for a very biddable partner. Versatile, willing to work in any venue with high energy and enthusiasm.He is has been active in Agility, Dock Diving and Lure Coursing. Truly a 'do it all' kind of dog.

Clear headed with a pronounced on/off switch making him an excellent working dog as well as a stable companion. Naturally amiable in temperament, he is not super dominant but no pushover either.  Completely confident and reliable where ever we go and has proven to be a good ambassador for the breed time and time again. Great with people and other animals. Jaxon has an incredibly sweet, laid back personality he is incredibly easy to live with in the home and content to lay at my feet when the day is done.

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UAD/Dallas Air Dogs - October 20-21, 2012
10/21/12        Dock Jumping                 4th Place Senior                                           Best Jump: 16 Ft.

UKC Conformation - Hutto, TX. - April 20-21, 2013
4/20/13          UKC Conformation         Senior/Reserve Male                              Judge: Linda Hughes
4/20/13          UKC Conformation         Senior/Best Male/Best of Winners           Judge: Diane McConnell
4/21/13           UKC Conformation         Senior/Best Male/Best of Winners           Judge: Lynn Martin
4/21/13           UKC Conformation         Senior/Best Male/Best of Winners           Judge: Babara Marin
  ​                                    Jaxon earned his Championship at his first UKC Show!

UAD/Dallas Air Dogs - May 26, 2013
5/26/13            Dock Jumping                  2nd Place Senior Elite                        Best Jump: 19.6 Ft.
                                     Jaxon earned two legs towards his USJ title!

Dallas K9 Working Dogs PSA Trial - June 22-23, 2013
6/22/13             PSA                               PDC  - Passed 131/155                          Judge: Jerry Bradshaw

UAD/Dallas Air Dogs - June 30, 2013
6/30/13           Dock Jumping                  UKC USJ Title/1st Place Sr. Elite           Best Jump: 19.6 Ft.
                                      Jaxon completed his three remaining legs for his UKC USJ title!

UKC Conformation - Denton, TX. - November 2-3, 2013
11/02/13         UKC Conformation           CH Class                                               Judge: Heidi Halverson
11/02/13         UKC Conformation           CH Class/Reserve CH                             Judge: Karen Shivers
11/03/13         UKC Conformation           CH Class                                               Judge: Debbie Mitchell


UKC Conformation - Denton, TX - March 8-9, 2014
3/8/14            UKC Conformation          CH Class/Reserve CH                            Judge: Stanley Matsumoto
3/8/14            UKC Conformation          CH Class/Reserve CH                            Judge: Dorothy Jacobs
3/9/14            UKC Conformation          CH Class/Reserve CH                            Judge: Tim Parr

ATTS Temperament Test - Midlothian, TX. - May 3, 2014
5/3/14             Temperament Test           Passed!


UKC Conformation -  Midlothian, TX. - May 24-25, 2014
5/24/14         UKC Conformation           CH Class                                               Judge: David Arthur
5/25/14         UKC Conformation           CH Class/ 1st Win                                   Judge: Michael Heflin
5/25/14         UKC Conformation           CH Class/ Reserve CH                            Judge: Dorothy Jacobs
5/24/14         UKC Conformation           CH Class/ 2nd Win                                 Judge: Teresa Werder

Jaxon now has 3 remaining wins to become a Grand Champion!

K9 Working Dogs West Coast Regionals - Waxahachie, TX - October 25-26, 2014
10/26/14              PSA                        PSA 1 - Passed 255/320                             Judge: Jerry Bradshaw
                                              Jaxon took 2nd place in the level 1's!

All American Dog Training, Grooming and More - Burleson, TX - July 14, 2015
7/14/15            CGC                                Passed!                                             Evaluater: Carole Russo

UKC Lure Coursing -  Fort Worth, TX. - October 3-4, 2015
10/3/15           CAT                                First Leg Passed                                  Judge: Jack Downing


Real Deal K9 Tournament - Fort Worth, TX - October 8th, 2016
10/8/16         Novice                                 3rd Place!                                         Judge: Dewon Fields

World Ring of Dallas MR Trial - Fort Worth, TX - December 2nd, 2017
12/1/17          Brevet                                  Passed!                                            Judge: Don Lee

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