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Ender vom Hanrahaus PSA PDC

Brego is a beautifully put together bicolor male with a great topline and solid bone, rich pigment paired with his fluid movement. Brego has beautifully expressive dark eyes and good expression. An impressive looking young male who catches eyes wherever he goes, medium/large in size at 83lbs he is very agile and athletic.

 Brego is already showing his tenacity and strong and independent personality. Completely confident and reliable where ever we go and has proven to be a good ambassador for the breed. Very social, good with children and people a but bonds as more of a one person type of dog. However, he's incredibly amiable.

He is extreme in toy and prey drive as well as highly energetic and exuberant in what ever he does.  He loves doing obedience and is an absolute joy to train, he is quick and precise and he is very quick witted, learning new things quickly. In protection Brego is fast and takes big, full grips and pushes into the decoy. Easy to correct but requires a firm but fair handler. Absolutely zero handler aggression but if given an inch he will take a mile and will protest if he thinks a correction 'unfair'. He is incredibly active and wants to work. I do not recommend his progeny for the feint of heart who simply want a good looking pet.
 Given the right outlet for his energy and desire to work Brego is completely capable of settling  in the house, if not he will keep you on your toes. :) 


Dallas K9 Working Dogs PSA Trial - Mesquite, Tx - April 16, 2016
4/16/16             PSA                                PDC - PASSED                                          Judge: Darryl Richey

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V Drago vom Patriot

IPO3, KKL1 HD-normal(a1)/ED-normal, ZW 73
Large, powerful and full-bodied stressed stretched, expressive overall rugged appearance, accentuated withers, good topline and Krupp education, well angulated in front and rear, balanced chest proportions, correct front, spirited, ground covering gait, lively safe beings TSB pronounced, from leaves. under farming Recommendation: Remarkably high willingness to work. Recommended the consolidation of TSB.

V Easy von der Hundshardt

SCHH 3,RHFL, RHF, FH1, KKL1, HD-normal(a1)/ED-normal ZW 74
Over medium size, medium strong correct building conditions, dry and firm, good top and bottom line. Correctly angulated, strong hindquarters, good forehand angulation and breast formation, straight front, spirited, spacious movement. Great temperament and self-esteem.