Vom Anfang German Shepherds

Workingline German Shepherds

D Litter vom Anfang

Born January 22, 2017
2 Males/5 Females


SV: HD a-fast normal (a2)/ED normal (1)/ DM Clear
OFA: Hips Good/Elbows Normal/DM Carrier
Madox resides in Illinois at AllyK9 (vom Eisenherz)
We want to thank Jen at vom Eisenherz for giving us the opportunity to breed Rory to Madox!

Drogon vom Anfang
Bicolor Male
RESERVED to R. Street of wheeler,  IL.

Davos vom Anfang (Bennet)
Sable Male
RESERVED to W. Weiss of Torrance, Ca.

Dagmar vom Anfang
White Collar Female
RESERVED to H. Wilmore of Houston, Tx.

Daenerys vom Anfang
Pink Collar Female
RESERVED to the Evans family of quinland, Tx.

Deja vom Anfang (Denali)
Green Collar Female
RESERVED to The Evans Family of
Quinlan, Tx.

Dahlia vom Anfang
Yellow Collar Female (Black longcoat)
RESERVED to C. Sparks of Chatham, Il.

Djali vom Anfang
Purple Collar Female
SERVED to Vom Anfang